I registered my courses for next semester (Summer 2006) at 1:30PM today. Everything was going smoothly, and I was quite happy for what I want to take. Till day, I still wonder what I want to get when I graduate. I can get a Software Engineering specialist degree, or I can just get a regular Read more about Registered[…]

What he said

He ended up telling me that he went to eat/asked the prof for 1.5 hours. Who will believe such thing like that? I can eat anything within 30 minutes…and ask questions for an hour? What a joke… He made me so upset…..all he thinks is work/money. Me? well…he will think about me….but only when he Read more about What he said[…]

Monday without him

This monday without him, I thought I could see him online at 11:30am; that’s when he got off class every M/W/F to find me. He said he would find a computer to talk to me instead, but I guess, he was too busy to do that again. I really miss him…for a few days already.