I really want a MacBook. Not only it looks so white (or black), it is really useful for having more than one OS in one single laptop. I find that really amazing; it’s like having my dream finally comes true. I wish I can get one of those, but too bad I already own a Read more about MacBook[…]

Writing to Duckie

Duckie, this is a letter for you. hehee P.S. This is getting late for me to reply all the previous comments. I guess I will reply as soon as possible. Sorry about that.

Night market

Monday is Victoria Day, and so, we will get a day off on Monday (May 22nd). It’s really good for me, because I do want a rest off. hahahaa..Afterall, it’s Summer time! Tonight is quite interesting. My mom and I went to Richmond Night Market for a while. Similar to last year, the place was Read more about Night market[…]

I want Duckie

Today, I leaned on Duckie’s shoulder, and I just realized, I felt sooo good like that. heheehe…so comfortable! I wish Duckie is here right now. *looking for Duckie…’s shoulder XD* I want duckie’s shoulder, I want duckie’s shoulder…and heeey, I want duckie’s hands too. hahahaa XD Hm….I think that, in general, I want Duckie!

Blog change

I had just changed my blog’s appearance again. I modified the blog’s CSS, and XHTML. If you have anything that you think I should change, please tell me. I will see what I can do about it. ^^ By the way, I had also used an image as part of the header of this blog.