Spring is HERE!

My mom kindly reminded me to take some photos outside while it was all sunny yesterday. And so…I did! It turned out to be quite good. =) http://www.spymac.com/hop?id=1915810http://www.spymac.com/hop?id=1915809http://www.spymac.com/hop?id=1915808


arghh….My hands hurt soooo much after I spend most of the time yelling at kids to keep their voices down and stapling for their 2 weeks of assignments in for FIVE hours. This job is torturing me…. arghh…I WANT TO SCREAM! Not going to type…too tired

So much work!

I have so much work, so I will not have time to post anything today. Thanks for kinki’s and bcall’s comments. They do make me extremely happy. Thanks for your support! =)

Calm picture

I feel so calm when I see this picture, so I will show you this picture. I know this is no longer a kitty/Duckie picture, but I hope you will be interested in this picture as well. =) http://www.spymac.com/hop?id=1895691 By the way, for those of you who think the pictures are loading so slowly, I Read more about Calm picture[…]