Am I rude? XD

I went to take pictures of my cat sleeping on the porch. =P
This is a closer look =)
An hour later, I took another picture of my cat. =P
I love my cat. =D

I have more pictures. I will show them to you later. =P

9 thoughts on “Am I rude? XD

  • Kityangel,

    I would not never think of you being rude, you are a very nice and polite young lady. Your cat is very cute, well done with the pictures. Our dogs are willing to go out whenever we let them also.

    With Love,


    *Hugs & kisses*

  • haha..ur kitty’s so cute when she sleeps..^^!!

    ..and it’s funny to see how pissed off she is when she sees you taking pic of her..XP!~

    you are like doggie-reporter sneaking around to take pics…hahaha…

    ..but you are not rude..heehee..:)

  • amadeus,

    I guess I wasn’t too rude. At the very least, I didn’t wake up the cat. =P




    Really? hahahaha..thanks
    Do you want to sleep with her? =P it’s nice to enjoy the sunshine there. =P

    hehehe…I think so. I like to take pictures of my cat. She is way way way too cute. =P


  • um..why would i want to sleep with ur cat?! -___-||

    I KNOW!!..coz u wanna take pics of ME sleeping..

    ..u r EVIL…XP…


  • kinki,

    hahahaa….my next ‘target’ is you. I want to take picture of you sleeping too. =P



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