My newer Chocobo drawing

This is my newest version of my Chocobo drawing. Enjoy. =P

7 thoughts on “My newer Chocobo drawing

  • Kittyangel,

    It is very cute, I’m very proud of you. Please a smile and hug. I miss you very much.

    With Love,


    *Hugs & kisses*

  • kinki,

    Really? Thanks..hahaha
    It was Duckie’s suggestion to remove the black lines, but I kinda messed up, so it ended up like this..hahaha

    I wanna see your drawings too. =P




    Proud? What’s soo proud? =P
    I think my drawing is still very bad. I wish I can improve my drawings. =)


  • Kittyangel,

    Should’ I be allowed to be proud of you and of support. I’m confident that with each drawing you will improve.

    Please a smile and hug.

    With Love,


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