Bonsai pictures for amadeus

amadeus told me that he wants to see more bonsai pictures, so here it is. I hope the rest of you don’t feel bored by seeing more of those. =P Today:I went to Stanley Park to take some pictures today. It was great. I don’t know if I should upload those pictures, since those Read more about Bonsai pictures for amadeus[…]

Some random pictures

Last week, I saw those in McDonald’s. And now, my cat is sleeping again… I think it likes sleeping during day time. =S

Random pictures

I am about to prepare to go to school now. I just did some homework (well, not really homework, but more like school related work), then I came to blog again. =P Here are my two random pictures I uploaded to Spymac today. =) cat! crosswalk sign I shot in the Surrey, B.C. Read more about Random pictures[…]

My photograhy class

My photography class was quite boring. We were learning how to use the manual functions on the Olympus E-1 camera. Hmm…I guess it wasn’t completely useless, but I can’t say it’s extremely exciting either. hahaha