Dino show!

Today, I saw a lot of dinosaurs from Aberdeen Centre. =)Here are some photos. I choose not to upload them to Spymac this time, because I am really busy these days….sorry about that. I hope you enjoy a few of my many dino pictures. =)

New hard drive

Last week, I bought this new hard drive from eBay for around $150CAD. I guess it’s not too bad, since this is 320GB and it’s the Premium ES edition. It supports USB and eSATA, and so it’s more expensive than the essential edition (which only supports USB). I bought this with the price of the Read more about New hard drive[…]

iPhone release day…at least in the US

I heard that quite a lot of people were waiting in line outside Apple Store for the iPhone. Too bad we don’t have iPhones in Canada yet, or I will have a chance to at least take a look at it. $599US….too expensive. I will use the money to do something more worthwhile instead.

Soo tiring

It’s always find it tiring when I have work and COOP jobs to look after at the same time. I don’t seem to have a regular schedule in which I can sit down peacefully and work on my stuff. Yesterday, I went to Surrey for class, returned home, then left to Burnaby for an interview, Read more about Soo tiring[…]

Course decision

I chose my courses for next semester…Don’t know if I will take them though…but I guess I will do it anyway…lolSure don’t want to take them…because I want to get a job instead XD