Soo busy these day

Programming gets me headache these days…hahhaa If you are facing a new language and struggling on that, I think you will understand how I feel. I do hope my group members can communicate more. I think my group does lack a lot of communication…but oh well…XD

Busy busy

Maybe it’s because it’s almost the end of the semester, or maybe I am just a slow worker, but things is piling up again. =S Lots of things to do…And I cracked my nail yesterday…so I can’t really type on my keyboard.

Harry Potter

I finally got my last Harry Potter book! I read the first chapter when I was waiting for mom to return to our car when we dropper her off to a grocery store. =P HAPPY!

COOP Video contest

I always wonder…why do they have contests for work? I thought work is work…I wonder why supervisors allow students to shoot videos when they are supposed to work. From what I know, you can earn quite a lot prizes too…=P For more details, please go to for this contest:;=display&ceid;=327

Slim PSP

Did you guys hear about the slim PSP? Well, it got announced in E3, and this version is a smaller version of the current PSP we see everyday. Well, according to some websites, there are not much differences…at least you don’t see it…until you hold it in your hands. According to some people, this little Read more about Slim PSP[…]


I just registered for my course. =) I know it’s a bit late to register but who can I blame? SFU gave me this late appointment time. hahaha

Slacking off

I had been slacking off lately. I guess it’s because I finished most assignments a bit early, and so I just started downloading shows to watch (by the way, my brother and I downloaded about 10GB of shows in the last 5 days). Well, it’s not like I had nothing to do, but I was Read more about Slacking off[…]

Sooo hot!

It’s soo hot in Vancouver. It’s around 32-35 degree Celsius these days, and I am dying because of this high temperature. I don’t even want to work on the computer, because my arms stick on the laptop, and that’s extremely uncomfortable. =S Anyway, I will keep this short, because I want to go! Wish I Read more about Sooo hot![…]

Girlfriend remix

I love this remix version of the song. 😉 [This YouTube video was removed by kittyangel as this video was no longer available in YouTube due to copyright issues.] Avril Lavigne Featuring Lil’ Mama