Harry Potter done

I just finished my Harry Potter book….after about two months of reading it at night. XD I will not spoil anything now….just in case there are still some people reading the book. It’s fun reading it….and now it makes me miss reading Harry Potter books….


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Kitty plan

I want to do Co-op to gain more experience.I want to do volunteer job to increase my volunteering experience.I want to get my CGPA up, so I can get into master if necessary. I will try my best, with no regrets. =)

Soooo want to get it

Still being my lazy self Was looking at my beloved dream cellphone. =P I got this Quicktime movie from the SE site. Check it out. If you can’t see this movie, go to http://members.shaw.ca/kitty_angel/k850_1Mbps.mov.Sorry for my bad XHTML. =P