I am soo used to waking up early in the morning. It’s soo hard to readjust myself again after 8 months of working in Yaletown. I am sooo bored….help me. =( Maybe I should review my Haskell stuff again before school starts… I miss work….and the people at work. =( Arrgghh….I know work wasn’t exactly Read more about Aaarggh[…]

Selling my book

I am currently waiting for the girl outside the coffee shop. Howboring…. When is she going to be here? -____-!! Update (April 26, 2008): It turned out that she arrived SFU 10 minutes after I added this entry to my blog. I was just a bit bored waiting for her.

Getting more sick

I am getting more sick, and worst of all, I can’t even get rest!I have so many things that I need to do these days, and as the result, I always end up leaving work at around 6:00PM. =( Anyway, thanks for everyone who cares about me. I will get more rest after this Friday.

I am worried…

Due to my sickness I had in the last few days, I had a lot problems focusing on my work.I think my exam suffered from that as well.I hope I did ok.I hope…I pray…