Because of a man

I’ve lost my wayI’ve lost count of how many timesI’ve faltered before loveEvery time I act like this,I’ll probably find another person and rest on themBut this time, I don’t want to do thatI can’t live like this any longer [youtube=]

Like A Child

Another song that I love recently. +++++김동률 – 아이처럼Kim Dong-Ryul – Like A Child 사랑한다 말하고 날 받아줄때엔After telling you love me When you accept me 더이상 나는 바랄게 없다고 자신있게 말해놓고I say to myself confidently that I have nothing else I need자라나는 욕심에 무안해지지만 Although I feel worried With my growing greed또 하루종일 그대의 Read more about Like A Child[…]


He who knows nothing, loves nothing. He who can do nothing understands nothing. He who understands nothing is worthless. But he who understands also loves, notices, sees… The more knowledge is inherent in a thing, the greater the love… Anyone who imagines that all fruits ripen at the same time as the strawberries knows nothing Read more about Love[…]

Tell Me

Another song I want to share. I love this song! hahahaa Korean 너도 날 좋아할 줄은 몰랐어어쩌면 좋아 너무나 좋아꿈만 같아서 나 내자신을 자꾸꼬집어봐 너무나 좋아네가 날 혹시 안 좋아할까봐 혼자 얼마나 애태운지 몰라그런데 너도 날 사랑한다니어머나 다시 한 번 말해봐 Tell me, tell me, tell tell tell tell tell tell me나를 사랑한다고 날 기다려왔다고tell Read more about Tell Me[…]


I got so many balloons at SFU yesterday after I finished volunteering for the Open House 2008 event. Unfortunately, my monkey balloon was murdered. =( This photo was taken before it was murdered(It was killed when I was doing the tour guide in the limo bus). This is a turtle bracelet from one of my Read more about Balloooons![…]