I had come a long way

I cannot count the number of blog entries I had written….probably thousands by now.  I have over 520 posts in this site alone. I started blogging since 2004, in Spymac. http://classic.spymac.com/blogs/blog.php?userid=47769, then I switched over to Blogger in 2006-2007.  Early this year, I exported everything from Blogger and started hosting all the blog entries in Read more about I had come a long way[…]

Another update

Lots of things had happened in the past two days.  I don’t think I will mention them online, but those things happened didn’t make me happy at all.  Things are, at least it seems like, settled down now. And…I took some photos these days.  You can see some of them from my Flickr account, which Read more about Another update[…]

Settle down

I moved to a new home two days ago.  After moving everything, my arms hurted for a few days!!  I am much better now, but because of all the things I needed to buy, and all the carrying of shopping bags, my arms still hurt. It’s finally May….my fifth month in Waterloo.  I am being Read more about Settle down[…]