I really don’t feel like typing, but as I always update my site or Facebook regularly, I guess I will write something before I go to bed. Honestly…I am tired…I need some time to relax myself.  I might just go to Toronto this weekend for a day or so because I feel so stressed out Read more about Tunnel[…]

Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms are so beautiful because they present their beauty for only a short while, and then they are gone with the promise to come back the following year.  That’s what making them more beautiful and pure.


To me, photography isn’t about capturing the moment of a happening.  In fact, I don’t think photography even captures the reality of that moment.  It’s more like capturing the feeling: sadness, excitment, happiness.  If you ask me if it  fully captures exactly what you see with your naked eyes, well…I am sorry…I will say photography Read more about Photography[…]