Third day in Vancouver

I am using my BlackBerry to type this message right now….

Today is my third day in Vancouver. Recalling the first time I saw my dad on Saturday, I suddenly feel that he looks so much older than I thought. From what I know, he is getting more sick than before, probably due to stress and depression… Am I a good daughter? I suddenly feel extremely guilty for leaving my loving parents for so long. It’s my selfishness to go to Waterloo to follow my dream. It’s my selfishness that drives me to leave my parents behind. I had never thought too much about staying in Waterloo for longer than 8 months…until recently when I started to feel belonging to my team at work, and feel attached to my man of life. I don’t know if my decision is right or not, but I am glad that I know my parents are much more supportive to me than how they were 8 months ago.

I wish I can always see my parents. I have to go back in a few days. I really wish they can continue to smile like how they are these days. I really wish they will continue to feel happy for me that I am always willing to work hard to be what I want to be, and stay with the man I care.

I really love my parents. It’s really my first time this year to feel so much care from them. Talking about this makes me cry again. I am such a emotional person….stupid emotional person.

I really wish they are always healthy. Please pray for me. I will always think about them, even if I might not always have time to keep in touch while I am not by their side.

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