Happy new year everyone!

I know it had been weeks and perhaps months since my last real update.  I had been busy lately with work and all sorts of things. Furthermore, since the last time I fixed up the site (it was down as my site host server was infected with some sort of viruses), it was down again and I had to reapply the fix a few days ago.  Hopefully nothing will turn bad again now I have changed all the database connection information and all my username information.

Nothing much is new here…except that I had been addicted to a game called Bakery Story on my iPad…  I admit that this game takes so much of my time everyday…  maybe I should stop playing this game soon, but it’s getting so addictive.  I think this game is similar to Restaurant City (an online game that everyone had been talking about on Facebook).

2011 is coming! I hope everyone had a merry merry Christmas.  We should be counting the hours/minutes for 2011 soon.  Happy new year everyone! 🙂

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