I am completely dead. After staying at work for more than 15 hours, with only 4 hours of sleep the night before, I really need to have a good rest. Let me write more when I am charged again. 😉


Neighborhood next to my home (Parkside Drive) King Street and Weber Street Sometimes I miss Waterloo. It’s always so peaceful and relaxing.  I haven’t gone back for a few months.  Maybe I should return Waterloo for a visit one day.


“In the attempt to make scientific discoveries, every problem is an opportunity — and the more difficult the problem, the greater will be the importance of its solution.” – E.O. Wilson

Tuen Ng Festival

I had completely forgotten that today is Tuen Ng Festival (Dragon Boat Festival).   Mmm…where can I eat my zongzi?  😉 Uh oh….  ever since I moved to Toronto, my Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin) skill started to degrade.  The worst thing is, my English isn’t improving.. haha

Website update

For the next upcoming days/weeks, I will be updating the website layout and database.  If you notice there is something that doesn’t work anymore, feel free to drop me an email. Email address: admin [at] annielo . ca Thanks!