I am very tired, after working for 10+ hours.  I had been doing that pretty often for the last few weeks.  I am hoping that, after the project is done, I can relax a little bit more. It’s interesting that, when I was at school, I wanted to graduate as soon as possible so that Read more about Work[…]

Radley bags

Ok…something random..  Every single time I want I get an email from Radley, I want to get a handbag from them.  If there is a store in Canada, I am sure I have one of those already.  I don’t want to pay for shipping…oh well. Unbelievable…they don’t even have a single store in North America.  Read more about Radley bags[…]

Feeling uneasy

For some reasons, my heart doesn’t feel right at all.  Maybe I am just too tired.  For the last few days, I had worked more than 30 hours combined.  I don’t know what’s making me feeling so uneasy, but I hope I am going to feel better soon.

Need to be strong!

I feel that I have accomplished a lot these days….both physically, but mentally.  Though I do have a lot of down times these days (I am not going to mention them), I am trying to keep my spirit up. I know I need to overcome the obstacles, but I can do it! =)


While I was searching for a solution to my weekend networking problem, I came across this Microsoft support page.  Seriously, how would Microsoft think the solution of using the capacity number of the system hard drive a solution?  What kind of design is that?  My WebDav mapping has nothing to do with the status of Read more about WebDav[…]