I recently read this quote from a website, “越長大就越發覺,最離不開的還是家人。不求多富貴,只要家人都無痛無病無災,身體健康就很好。終究會明白,真正的幸福,並不來自於權與利,而是來自於家庭。”

This means, “As we get older, we realize that the most important thing is still our family members.  We don’t want to wish for richness; as long as family members are safe and healthy, then it’s good.  The real fortune we have, isn’t from power or benefits, but our own family members.”

I just wish my family is always happy, safe, and healthy.  How much do I wish they are in the same city as I am.  I had never imagined how lucky I was to live with my family members a few years ago, and now things seem to have changed so much.  I had always thought, will I ever get this chance in the near future.  What if….what if… my parents can move here…. maybe things will be a lot happier.  (being selfish)

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