Quick update

Life has been keeping me quite busy.  I didn’t get a chance to update my website, and push a quick update about what’s going on in my life.

In related to my cat, she recovered from her skin problem after several expensive trips with the dermatologist at the VEC.  She is now the happy little cat again, so I am feeling happy for her.

In terms of working, everything is still pretty much the same.  I am still doing iOS….mobile development. 😉  I get some new features to work on every few weeks, so it’s always nice to have that.

I am still volunteering in the animal shelter, specializing in felines, but I had been trying to get myself into the canine department too.  I am already in the training list.  I am really excited about that!!

Alright, I will do my best to update this.  Let’s update this again soon!! 🙂

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