2018 update

I am sorry that I didn’t update this site for a while.  I don’t have an excuse as I had just been lazy.  Let me give a bit of an update as much as I can.


I had been playing a 4000 pc jigsaw puzzle.  I finished the first half sometime last year, but I still have the 2nd half to go.


I had been doing hiking almost every week when it was warmer last year.  Due to the cold weather during winter time, I stopped.  I am returning to hiking soon, probably in April. 🙂


Gardening continues to grow inside my home.  I started investing more time in orchids these days.  Today I got a pot of orchid as a gift.  I am extremely happy!!

My dear Milkshake

She continues to be her active self.  A bit crazy 😛

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