Importance of passion

Yesterday I was reading some articles and I came across this quote, “When someone comes in our lives, we start considering that guy/girl as the whole of ours.  We start building our dreams around that person and misunderstand the fact that he/she is just a part of our lives and not the whole life.”

The meaning of this…. probably took me more than a decade to figure it out.  There is no one to blame but to realize that I had been fortunate (or also unfortunate) that I had been with someone since my early adulthood.  I didn’t realize that I had to build my own passion, my skill, my self-worth.  Life is so much more than just love and relationships.

In the end, our own passions and hobbies are what make us alive and happy.

Only our parents are there for us forever….. and that’s not even for every person.  Besides our own mother and father, we need to depend on our own.  I think that, once we realize fact, our lives will be so much better of.  🙂

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