I had been going through a series of meetings and appointments, at work and outside of work.  It is becoming difficult to manage time and make sure everything is spent wisely. I am happy though…busy is good!  Without challenges, how can I become better?  😀


我已經很少打中文字。如果你不明白我寫的東西,請不要見怪!! 我近日很亡很亡,每天都有不完的事要辦。每天工作後又要煮飯吃,吃完又要洗碗,洗完又要清潔房間。 最近要學車了。令我這個忙人更忙。沒有辦法吧。 加油!!


I am driving again….well, sorta… I didn’t drive for a long time…so I need to train myself up before I can really get on the road. Yesterday, I was driving at RIM 22.  It’s quite funny that I was actually circling the RIM building.  It’s amazing that I wasn’t called by the Security team to Read more about Driving…[…]


I didn’t write anything here for a long time!! Life had been busy…personal life, but mostly because of work.   I just finished my work term report and submitted it to my Co-op coordinator.  I had also tried to stabilize myself mentally for staying in Ontario permanently… I plan to apply for convocation that will be Read more about Preparation[…]