March 29, 2018


This website had changed a lot since I first started making my own site. My first site was created in 2001, with the content related to Hello Kitty, a Japanese cartoon character, then later I started to write my blog, with a bit of personal information on my site, and a bit of wallpaper downloads. A few years ago, I changed my site so that it became more like a list of websites that I often visited, while I started to write my blog in another site, Spymac. In 2006, I had switched my blogging service to Blogger, while having my personal site written in static HTML webpages. In 2008, I had a plan to switch my website to Joomla!, but I changed my mind as I don’t think the web services really suit my purpose.  In 2009, I redesigned the site with WordPress, merging my blog entries from Blogger to the site.  In 2015, the website was changed again to work better with phones.

To contact me, please use admin [at] (replace [at] with ‘@’).  Thank you for visiting!

Found: August 16, 2001
Updated: March 29, 2018