March 22, 2009

Mew Mew

Written on November 11, 2007

This page is written for my dear cat who died on September 14, 2007.

History:Meow meow

This cat is named “Mew Mew” [means ‘meow meow’ but that is in Cantonese]. Mew Mew, I think, was surrendered by its owner 3 years ago, and was left on the street near the bus stop. I saw him wondered around near the grass when I was waiting for the transit. Interestingly, the next day, when I was again leaving for school, Mew Mew was meowing in front of my house. My mom and I decided to adopt him or at least try to find him a new owner.

Of course, nobody wanted him. He was really sick when we found him, and it took us a long time before he could get used to this new environment, and for us to train him properly.

Fun time went past really quickly. Everything was fun when he was around. Mew Mew would meow whenever he smelled fish or cat food. He would wake us up if he didn’t get enough attention. The whole family love him.

Unfortunately, in February, Mew Mew was really sick. We thought he was going to die. It was probably due to his already weaken body caused from 3 years ago. He recovered 2 weeks later, but I guess that was causing more problems. In September 13th (at night), he was sick again. It happened too suddenly that we didn’t have a chance to bring him to a vet. He died a few hours later.

I miss him forever, and he will always stay inside my heart, as well as in my family’s.

Mew Mew, I love you forever!